Sams Sexy Sleepover - Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do anal sex?
Absolutely no.

Will you do rimming?
Again - no.

Will you have unprotected sex?
Never. Even if you offered me a ridiculous amount of money for the privilege.

Do you like pain?
No - neither giving or receiving. If we get to know each other, we can learn boundaries and the like but pain is an absolute no.

How many times can I cum?
As many times as you can physically and comfortably cum for the time that you are with me. You will get the full time of your appointment. If you are fortunate enough to be able to cum more than once, we can play again. If you only intend to cum once but you want it to be at the end of our time together, let me know and I'll pace things.

What services do you provide?
Please refer to my Services tab here on my website for a guide.

How much do you charge?
Please see my Rates tab. Also note - any fee charged is for my time. What we get up to in that time is between two consenting adults.

Will you go out for a drink or meal with me?
Sorry I do incalls only in my own discrete private house.

I am [any race]. Will you see me?
Yes. The colour of your skin or the culture you were born into doesnt bother me as long as you are well mannered. I do, however only see people that can speak good English. Communication is important.

Do you cater for people with disabilities?
Yes - well, sort of. My play-room is on the ground floor so there are no stairs to climb. If you need wheelchair access, we'd need to discuss door measurements and ramps. There's just two regular steps and two regular sized doors (narrowest is 31" wide) to get through.

Are you married?
Yes. Very happily and Ive been with my husband for 20 years so were solid.

Does your partner know what you do?
Yes and hes happy that I have such a high sex drive.

Are you really bisexual?
Yes. I have chosen a man as my life partner, but I find the female body utterly attractive and I love exploring women as much as men.

I have a fetish will you indulge me?
I have played around in light fetishes things like light spanking, foot worship, tickling, role play and such (and I already do the 'tie and tease' thing). Im always interested to hear what you have in mind but I do have my limits.

Are you shaven?
Totally where it matters, but i'm blessed with soft, smooth legs - no action needed.

Do you have a friend that could join us?
I have one or two female friends that would be happy to join us, but Id need a little notice to organise things. For that youd need to double my fee for the duration of our appointment. I dont have any male friends that join me and Im not looking for one. I feel that that cant be just some random person - and my husband doesnt join in when its my work.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
I now have three tattoos one on my arm, one on my lower back and a small vegan style heart on my inner wrist. Other than my ears my tongue is pierced and so is my clit-hood.

Can I have some more photos?
I dont send photos privately. Whatever there is of me, you can find here on the internet.

How do I know you are clean?
I get myself tested regularly even though I present no symptoms at a clinic where they know what I do so they test for EVERYTHING. I've never had bad results. Please note: as with anybody that is sexually active, these tests are only **effective** until the next time I have sex. Nobody - whether its an escort or someone you meet in a club - is ever going to tell you that they have something wrong with them just as you are getting intimate. If they are honest but unclean, they'd not be active.

So, what does Sexy Sam expect from her clients?

Cleanliness - I have an en-suite shower room available if needed but please note that showering while here will cut into your time.

Communication - You must be able to speak good English, as communication is very important to me.

Manners - Don't expect a second appointment if you haven't shown me respect during our first.

Confirmation - For every appointment, I expect confirmation and I will usually specify this. It will be for some time the day before and then again on the day an hour or two beforehand (if it's pre-booked). This is important as we will both know that we're on the same schedule (please let me know if you want return confirmation). If you don't confirm, I might presume you are not coming and either offer your time to someone else, or just not be ready for you at your time.
If you book me and find you can't make it - please let me know. We can re-schedule. If you book me, confirm and just don't show up you will be considered a time-waster and you won't have the opportunity to repeat this.

Punctuality - I'd appreciate you calling or texting to let me know you're here just a few minutes before we are due to meet. If you are early, I may not be ready so you'll need to wait. If I DO let you in early, that doesn't automatically qualify you for an extended appointment. You still only have the time you've paid for with me. I am by no means a clock-watcher - I only mention this as I have had clients arrive a while early in the past, be let in and they've expected that time tagged on to the time they've paid for.
If you are late (apart from exceptional circumstances), that cuts in to your time as I will have been ready 'on time'.

Aged 18+ - I will see anyone as long they are AT LEAST 18 years old. If you look younger, I might ask for ID. Maximum age doesn't apply as long you have the desire.

Sober - I understand that you might need a little something to relax you, but please don't show up here intoxicated.