Sams Sexy Sleepover - Booking Sexy Sam

If you would like to make a booking to see me then please read the following information...

I make myself available every week day for 'one hour only' at the moment. This is because (since 2017) I have been struggling with chronic body pains (that doctors call fibromyalgia). I can give you my all for one hour and still enjoy it. Please check my times on my calendar page. On occasion, I might be available on a weekend day.

I limit how much and how often I entertain simply because I want to enjoy myself and keep things fresh. I can be flexible some days but I would prefer prior notice. Weekends definitely need to be prior booked, if possible at all.

Because of my current physical health, I am concentrating on my already frequent, regular and intimately familiar clients as they understand me, and I know that I can satisfy their desires. I may be open to persuasion, but would ask you to be gentle with me (so no throwing me about the bed!).

My days can be booked fairly far in advance so if you would like to make a booking then I really would recommend phoning or emailing with some notice to make arrangements. It is worth trying last minute, just in case I have any cancellations (or available time) but I do advise booking in advance to save any disappointment.

I don't answer my phone between 9pm and 9:30am.

After booking your appointment, I will require confirmation by phone or email the day before, and also on the day of your appointment (usually a couple of hours before our date). This is so that I know we are on the same schedule leading up to our time together. Confirmation is crucial at the times requested. Without it, your appointment may be given to someone else.

Please be aware that I do not engage in 'text chat'.

I am polite, clean and I'm interested in YOUR pleasure. I also expect you to at least be clean and polite. If you require a shower when you arrive then just ask. You can also have a shower before leaving but please remember that this will cut into your time.

If you are nervous or if you are a first timer then please let me know and I'll do my very best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

And finally, all withheld numbers will be ignored. Please note that if you are calling from work, or from a hotel network, the number from which you are calling may show up as withheld.