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Hello you sexy, horny people!

Thank you for your patience while I am partly out of action. I'm currently suffering with body pains - especially in my legs and back. I wouldn't want to offer you less than 100%, so will only take a booking if I feel that I can give you my all. I am taking a maximum 'two' clients on a day for this reason.

I'm sorry I haven't recently updated this page. I have been unsure of my availability until the day. This week and next, I am out of action for a number of reasons. You should still be able to contact me - mostly by email, but also by phone.

For the time being - I would prefer to not take on any new clients. My frequent, regular and familiar clients should contact me as they do still, and I will hopefully be able to see you. I apologise if bookings are not available.

New clients can still contact me and we may be able to work something out.

I am happy to take enquiries for future dates though.

If you are new and nervous, maybe we can arrange a scheduled chat so that you can hear that I am indeed real. Email is the best way to organise this. Please be aware that this will not be a 'sex chat'.

[please scroll down for my normal diary]

Basically - usually, the best days to see me are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday afternoon and Thursday morning are often available.

Please note that although my diary suggests the times that I might be available - I do not work exclusively during that time. I usually only see a maximum of 2 clients each day. This keeps me fresh and keen.

I am - as usual - available for enquiries by phone or email.


[It's always worth trying to call me on the off chance, but please note that I don't answer my phone between 9pm and 9:30am.. Also - I don't reply to WhatsApp messages - so texts, calls or emails only please!]


Note: Mondays mornings are not available. Thursday mornings are now available but not later in the afternoon.

My usual availability during the week:
Monday - 12 noon to 4pm
Tuesday - 10am to 4pm
Wednesday - 10am to 4pm
Thursday - 10am to 1pm {see note}
Friday - 10am to 4pm

I can be available earlier or later on occasion, but only with prior notice.
Weekend appointments need to be prior booked - otherwise I make other plans.

Occasionally my week gets messed up by mundane things, so my days change but that's not all that often...

The best way of contacting me is by email - and I reply to all emails, though please note that i sometimes don't read my emails until the late evening. The quickest way of contacting me can be by phone call, but I do miss a lot of calls so I apologise if that gets frustrating! I don't answer random texts.