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Phone: 07791150708 :: I do not answer my phone between 9pm and 9:30am. And I never answer withheld numbers. Texts - I prefer to keep for bookings or confirmations once I know who you are. I don't do text chat.

The easiest way to contact me is usually by email. I answer all emails although if I'm busy with life I may take a little longer to get back to you. If after a couple of days I haven't replied, please re-send your email. It might be that I didn't receive it or am having trouble replying.

Occasionally I have noticed that some email messages don't reach me sometimes for a few hours after they were sent. Please consider this if requesting an appointment for the same day. (This opens Windows Mail in a new window)

You can also contact me by phone. It can be difficult to get hold of me this way but it's worth a try. Please note that 'random' text messages and all withheld numbers will be ignored. Also be aware that I don't listen to voicemail messages, my voicemail is only switched on to let you know you've reached the right number.

I'll answer my phone when possible between 9:30am and 9pm.

0779 115 0708 (Please read on regarding texts..)

If i can see that you've tried to call me but I've missed your call, I'll reply to a text. Please let me know if there is a time that I shouldn't reply text-wise as I'd hate to put you in an awkward situation. If i don't read your text for a couple of hours after you've sent it, I won't just reply. I'll hope that you'll text me again or try to call again.