Sexy Sam -

Sam's Sexy Sleepover - Etiquette

[Please browse my website, but if you can't find information about me, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions and Booking Sexy Sam - for further details.]

I love what I do - and want you to love it too, so I've put this page together to give you an idea of what to expect.

First of all, I'd like to point out that I am happy to see you whatever the colour of your skin and whatever culture you were born in to. One very serious requirement with me though, is that you can speak good English. Communication is very important to me, so if I can't understand you on the phone I'm afraid I won't make a booking with you. I hope you can find a suitable alternative.

My play-room is on the ground floor, so I can entertain people with disabilities without much difficulty. Please mention this if this is the case - my front door might be difficult (but not impossible) for a wheelchair but after that, we're all go!

I will always be clean and fresh for our time together and I'd appreciate that in return. There is a shower available in my en-suite shower room if so required, but please bear in mind that this would cut in to your time. Just so that you know - I get myself tested regularly for STD's at a clinic where I can tell them what I do - so they test me for everything. I have never had bad results - and I'd like to keep it that way.

I don't allow poppers in my home (they give me migraine) and I'd prefer that you arrive here stone cold sober, but I understand that sometimes a little dutch courage might be required. Please don't arrive over-intoxicated as I may refuse to see you. I don't drink alcohol very often (only Malibu on occasion), but I definitely won't be drinking while I'm entertaining.

When you get to my road, I'd like you to let me know you are here with a call or a text. I will definitely be ready 'on time' but would still appreciate that call or text. That applies even if I've been seeing you for years. If you are early, I can indicate how long I'll take to be ready myself. If you come to the door without letting me know, I may be cautious of answering the door - it might be the postman after all - and I wouldn't want to greet him in my sexy attire. My front door is a porch door, but it doesn't look like one. As you step inside that first door, I will open the second door greeting you with a sexy smile on my face - and whatever I've selected as my attire on this occasion. You can make special requests for what I should wear, but if you don't I will most likely choose a sexy, elegant easy access dress.

I would appreciate dealing with the finances first, so that we can then move swiftly on to the fun side of things.

Whether you are nervous or not, we will get to know each other quite intimately pretty quickly if you let me do my 'Meet and Greet'. The rest of our time together will be passionate but not rushed - definitely memorable. If you are fortunate enough to be able to cum more than once, you might get to experience my 'Magical Massage' while I let you recuperate. It's spine-tingling and sure to relax you. Let me know if you're not tactile as this is not for you!

There really is so much more to your time with me than my list of 'services', but please use that list as a guide. Ask if there is something that you specifically want to do that's not listed as I'd hate to disappoint you on the day.

Just to re-iterate it - I do NOT do anal, bareback or pain

I'm really no actress but occasionally I get asked to role play. I will do my best in this situation, but please remember - I'M NOT AN ACTRESS (and I might giggle)!